Immigrant Student Health Leadership Program
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Ashkan Bashiri, MBA, MPH, Director, Immigrant Student Health Leadership Program

Ashkan was born in Iran and immigrated to United States when he was only twelve to live with a American family in Oklahoma. He went on to graduate from UC Santa Barbara with a BS in Physiology. Ashkan has been a successful member of Iranian business community in Sacramento for the past fifteen years and been active in many community non-profit organizations in Sacramento region. Currently he is attending Benedictine University in pursuit of dual masters in business and public health. His great interest in public policy and international politics has lead him to join VIRTIS to bring a voice and representation for the immigrant and refugee communities in California, and create real opportunity for the immigrant teens to pursue career opportunities in medicine and public health.

Behrad Golshani, MD, Mentor, Medicine

Behrad Golshani is an Iranian-American graduate of UC Davis. He received his Bachelors degree in Biochemistry with honors in 2008 and his degree in medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin in 2012. Currently, Dr. Golshani is completing his ACGME internship (PG-I year) before starting his residency training in Radiology at UC Davis. Through his medical training, he has developed a special interest in public health, particularly, culturally competent health education and medical services. He has worked with the Iranian community providing comprehensible explanations to common medical diseases and is assisting with a mapping and survey of the Iranian community in the Greater Sacramento Metropolitan area. He is fluent in both Farsi and English.


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