South-East Asia Mental Health Research Program
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Louis Downs, PhD, VIRTIS Vice-President and Director, South-East Asia Mental Health Research Program

Dr. Downs has received his doctorate in Counseling from Oregon State University after having spent more than 17 years as a counselor and clinical administrator.  He is presently a Professor at California State University Sacramento in the Department of Counselor Education.  His clinical specialties include survivors of trauma, disaster mental health relief, and crisis work, dissociative disorders, personality disordered states, anxiety disorders and co-occurring disorders.  He has is a specialist in school counseling, having coauthored two books on the subject, and is a specialist in school counseling students with neuropsychological disorder as well as with gifted students.

He has consulted and trained counselors in Brunei Darussalam, developed a school-based PTSD program for the Phang Nga region of Thailand, collaborated with the Bureau of Innovative Programs of the Ministry of Eduction of Thailand to develop a new school guidance system for the country, and been a Fellow of the PERMATApintar Gifted Student Program at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.  Further, he has taught post traumatic stress disorder and critical incident process debriefing counseling to the Singapore Armed Forces Counselling Centre, trained the primary disaster mental health relief teams of the State of Penang, Malaysia and of Sichuan Province, Peoples’ Republic of China after the earthquake of 2008.  He has fulfilled two Fulbright Fellowships.  Having finished a 3 year term as curriculum advisor to the New Era College Department of Guidance and Counseling Psychology in Kajang, Malaysia, and as clinical consultant to the Qing-jian Counseling Center in Shanghai, China, he is presently on the advisory board of Turning Point Integrated Wellness Center, Puchong, Malaysia.  He is also a member of the American Bar Association Round Table expert witness pool and a lifetime member of PERKAMA, the counseling association of Malaysia.



Diane Kim, Assistant Director, South-East Asia Mental Health Research Program

A graduate in International Relations with minors in Human Rights and Italian from UC Davis, Diane is intent on pursuing a Masters of Public Health and a professional career in transnational and global health. Her interest in health and human rights led her to her work in Cambodia, India, and the Philippines, and her work at VIRTIS focuses on outcome evaluation of cultural competence in health and psychosocial services in underserved populations at the levels of individual providers and agencies, international health organizations, and NGOs. Diane is of Korean ancestry and speaks Korean and basic Italian.



Dwi Fania, DVM, Research Scholar, South-East Asia Mental Health Research Program

An Indonesian citizen, Dr. Dwi is a USAID Fellow in Global Health pursuing a Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine degree program in School of Veterinary Medicine of UC Davis. She earned her BVM and DVM from Bogor Agricultural University in Indonesia. She was granted a National Creativity Student Award by the Indonesian Ministry of Education due to her passion for creating a rabies control program during her last year in the undergraduate program. She worked for homeless children during her undergraduate years. She also worked for children and teenager relief programs’ post-military operation and tsunami assistance in Aceh, Indonesia. Before starting her master’s program at UC Davis, she served as a veterinary public health officer for the local government in Indonesia. She also worked for 5 years on participatory disease surveillance and response for collaborating project between FAO-UN and Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia to combat Avian Influenza. This work is intersected with disaster management and human health. She has done research on zoonotic diseases from edible frogs and avian influenza strategies in Indonesia. At present, she plans to do research on emerging and neglected diseases, such as HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, and avian influenza. Her interest is in modeling and prevention of zoonotic diseases. She speaks Indonesian, English, Malayan, and other local languages (Sundanese, Javanese, Lampungnese, and South-Sumatranese). Currently, Dr. Dwi and Diane Kim are part of the SOUTH EAST ASIA HUB FOR RESEARCH IN TRAUMA (SEAHURT) project led by Dr. Downs











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